"The body is indeed electric; therefore reactivity in the body can be measured electrically and adjusted through frequency."


Increase the flow of life force in the body, and also to identify and clear negative energies. Stress Reduction provides other benefits such as boosting the immune system, calming the nervous system, and improving cellular vitality.

We work with FDA approved equipment called the INDIGO which calibrates to each individual energy system and then focuses on the frequencies of the energetic body offering a more complete view of each facet of your health. An INDIGO session can be done in person at our offices in Lansdale or in the comfort of your home.

Would you like to sponsor a day clinic with one of our practitioners facilitating sessions at your location? Gather together a few friends or family members and one of us can travel to your location (within the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware area) to facilitate energetic assessments and sessions.


The INDIGO runs comprehensive testing that measures the physical and energetic frequencies of the body and then will send the appropriate frequencies needed to bring all parts of the body toward homeostasis the state of a healthy non-stressed body.

The INDIGO takes a multitude of different stress reduction programs, methods, and techniques, and merges them into a well rounded approach.

Results are based upon the ability to establish a "Tri-Vector" connection for an energetic "Three Dimensional" view of the bodies current reactions to over 15,000 different items.

Once established, the Quantum Biofeedback auto-focus program, helps optimize the quality and quantity of the stress reduction results you experience. Improvements in life experience surely follow.