Al Rieth

"Working with practical and esoteric knowledge to eliminate imbalances in your energy system and physical body. "

Al Rieth is an Usui Reiki Master and Frequency Balancing Master who, through energy healing sessions, assists people to reduce stress. He has completed years of research studying both eastern and western techniques designed to remove energetic blockages and increase the flow of energy or Chi in the body.

He is certified in Stress Reduction therapies.

Al has spent numerous years researching and working to help reduce stress and eliminate the imbalances and blockages in people’s energy systems. A trained energy healer, he sometimes incorporates various types of tools in an energy healing session. A typical Energy Healing Session will entail listening to a client’s concerns, then Al will send chi/life force to you to help reduce stress. Each session is unique as Al helps to reduce stress, as well as clear & balance your energy system. Through this, he has the potential to affect the client’s physical body through the powerful flow of energy he channels in each session.

Al also works with animals. Whether it be your dog, cat or horse, Al Rieth facilitates energy healing sessions that can help reduce stress and help balance your pet's energy system.

Call to discuss the details of the sessions.